Why Manage Maintenance

“Preventing problems is the most satisfying thing for guests. It’s completely within a hotel’s control to monitor room maintenance, cleanliness and properly operating facilities, as well as not nickel-and-diming guests.”

– Jessica McGregor, J.D. Power and Associates

Guest satisfaction is an essential component of the hospitality industry. To remain profitable and achieve desired growth, hotels must differentiate themselves through superior customer service and deliver a satisfying and memorable guest experience across all of their properties.

The top reported guest issues, as compiled by Forbes*, are:

  • Internet – will certainly improve over time, but can often involve investments in infrastructure
  • Noise – this can be somewhat unavoidable
  • Hotel Room Maintenance - low-hanging fruit that can be quickly attacked and yet have a definite and immediate impact

Hotel room maintenance is something that can be easily addressed with the affordable implementation of SynergyMMS on the property. SynergyMMS can not only capture every guest issue and immediately send out a work request to address, but also works with Property Management Systems (PMS) to perform Preventive Maintenance (PM) tasks in a timely and effective manner. The integration between the PMS and SynergyMMS allows for even the highest occupancy hotels to perform PM’s effectively and without disrupting guests.

Maintaining the equipment at the property produces significant returns and offers a powerful argument for the value of preventive maintenance and the dramatic impact PM can have on investments. Timely PM’s have been proven to reduce energy costs by 12% - 18%, while also extending equipment life by 20%.

*Source: Forbes, “America’s Biggest Complaints about Hotels”, Andrew Bender, July 27, 2012

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