Why Manage Energy

“The use of intelligent digital technology to optimize the performance of energy management systems offers the single biggest opportunity today to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs,” says analyst group - Frost & Sullivan.

Managing our energy use efficiently has become one of the biggest and most important challenges we face today. Energy management is the means of controlling and reducing your organization's energy consumption, without compromising work processes, which enables you to:

  • Reduce costs – this is becoming increasingly important as energy costs rise.
  • Reduce carbon emissions and the environmental damage that they cause. Of course, promoting a “green” image is often good for the bottom line.
  • Reduce risk –With energy management you can lessen the risk of increased energy costs or supply shortages to your property by reducing your demand for energy and by controlling it so as to make it more predictable.

For some, implementing new technology to a property is a scary proposition. They think that changing existing processes can get in the way of business. But, in order to be successful, it is essential for properties to find ways to get energy management inefficiencies out of the way.

There a few crucial steps to take to managing your energy consumption:

  • Make A Commitment – commit your property to be more energy efficient
  • Assess Performance – Know what your energy costs are today
  • Implement Action Plan – have ControlIQ installed at your property
  • Evaluate Progress - Do a year over year or month over month comparison to see your cost savings after implementing ControlIQ

Your understanding of effective energy management can be the secret weapon that helps enable your property to continue to run profitably.

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